Salt Athletics For Halotherapy & Wellness Businesses

More customers, More Revenue, Enhanced Community Wellness!

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted our need to improve the respiratory health of our communities. Position your business to make a strong come-back when this crisis is over by preparing now to add Salt Athletics to your existing halotherapy or wellness practice. Protected territories are now available along with deep discounts on equipment, no licensing fees during the COVID-19 crisis and no licensing fees for 3-full months once the crisis ends.

Salt Athletics uses patent-pending scientific wellness protocols to deliver the best wellness and halotherapy sessions available.  With Salt Athletics you separate your traditional salt inhalation business by providing your community and customers with a superior salt inhalation experience.  Salt Athletics dramatically improves the positive wellness effects your customers will experience in your salt therapy or wellness center.  Our patent-pending process combines the powerful wellness results of traditional salt inhalation therapy, along with the powerful wellness results of traditional red light therapy. Combining the two therapies enhances the wellness effects of each individual therapy, allowing you to offer your customers a dramatically better salt inhalation experience.  Salt Athletics is offering the following special licensing opportunities to existing halotherapy and wellness centers:

  • Reserve a Salt Athletics exclusive territory and license with a 30-mile radius territory for only $50.00 down with 100% credit towards future licensing fees.
  • Receive 50% of Salt Titan halo generators if you need to order more halo generators.
  • Receive 30% off Mito Red lights needed to add Salt Athletics to your facility.
  • No licensing fees until the COVID-19 crisis is over.
  • Receive 3 free months of Salt Athletics licensing once the COVID-19 crisis is over.
  • Receive free consultation and set up information for adding Salt Athletics to your business.
  • Receive financing for all equipment through our financial partner BEHALF for qualified buyers.
  • Receive all Salt Athletics graphics and marketing material graphics.

This is your opportunity to set your business apart from your local competition.  This is your opportunity to offer your community the best and most effective dry salt inhalation experience available.  This is your opportunity to add additional wellness platforms for anti-aging, weight loss, improved athletic performance, enhanced respiratory wellness, and more!

Learn More

Contact Sheila Alba, manager of The Salt Grotto in Brandon, Florida, to learn more about Salt Athletics.  Sheila is the national sales manager for Salt Athletics for the halotherapy and wellness sector and can speak to you first hand about how adding Salt Athletics to The Salt Grotto (open since 2014) drives new customers, new revenue, and community wellness!  Reach Sheila at  or call us directly at 850.292.2590.

 By sending a $50 deposit via PayPal to you will reserve your protected Salt Athletics territory. Contact us today to learn more!

Salt Athletics Licensing Opportunities


Join The Salt Athletics Team Today And Leverage The Power Of Scientific Wellness!

Salt Athletics is expanding our patent-pending systems into gyms, fitness centers, wellness clinics high end homes, personal training centers,  halo therapy centers and other  synergistic business locations.  Contact us today to discuss flexible business terms and protected territories. Salt Athletics business opportunities are also available for entrepreneurial minded individuals looking to open a stand alone wellness and fitness business.  Licensing starts at only $200.00 per month, and all Salt Athletic licenses come with 30% off Mito Red Light equipment and 30% off Salt Titan halo generators.  Financing for start up equipment is also available for qualified parties through our financial lending partner Behalf.  Salt Athletics is a division of HaloTherapy Center, LLC, a veteran owned company. For more information contact us at or call us directly at U.S. 850.292.2590.

Benefits of operating a Salt Athletics business inside your existing fitness center, wellness clinic, halo therapy business or other synergistic business include:

  • Low start up costs
  • New revenue streams
  • Protected territories and patent-pending protected wellness system
  • New membership fee based service or pay per session service
  • Set your business apart from competition
  • Draw new client segments  into your business
  • Improve health and wellness of your customers and community
  • Flexible options regardless of space (as little at 20 square feet to 20,000 square feet options available)
  • Free consultation to help you get your Salt Athletics business up and running
  • Wide variety of fitness and wellness choices to chose from